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How Doulas of Kew recharge after supporting your birth!

After we've come back from supporting our amazing mama's to birth their babies, we each have our own ways of winding down and taking care of ourselves. From baking to dog walks, here is what each of the Doula's of Kew do.


"When I get back from a birth I usually have to collect the kids from friends or family and try to get us back into a bit of routine. If I’ve been gone for a couple of days it can take us a little while to get back to our usual rhythm - but mostly they are full of questions about where I’ve been and what I’ve seen and what the new baby’s name is. Since I first started out it’s become tradition to go to Foubert’s for an ice cream, just the three of us. We walk there, slowly, through Chiswick House Grounds and we often talk about their own births, how they came to be. Once we are there, ice creams in hand (mint choc chip for one, blue banana for the other and a weird but delicious combo of apple pie and cream caramel for me) we knock our ice creams together and toast the new baby. I’m forgiven for my absence and hold them a little bit tighter that evening."


"The first thing I do when I get back from a birth is have super cuddles from my very excited dogs! I usually can't make it through the door before I get ambushed! Regardless what time it is! After they've calmed down, I grab a hot shower followed by something delicious to eat! Sometimes I nap, sometimes I don't...all depends on what time I've come home at and how much sleep I've missed. I always need to get some fresh air and stretch my legs after a birth, so head to Richmond park for a really long walk. Walking my dogs always gives me the mental space to reflect on the birth I’ve just supported and recharges my batteries."

Tama with her dogs in Richmond Park


"What I do before I attend a birth and after being at a birth it’s usually similar.

Before a birth I usually (timings permitting) make some energy balls or high energy snacks to offer to the labouring woman, easy to eat and that don’t make a huge mess! Then once back home I bake for myself, usually an apple cake (everyone’s favourite here). That way while I am baking I’m taking some time to think of the birth I just attended and the new mama. Cooking is, for me, a way to express my feelings and taking care of myself, the so called self-care. Baking and some exercise, it could be a quick run or a nice walk for some fresh air, it’s the best remedy after I attended a birth."

Sara baking

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