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Introducing Bumps, Birth and Babyhood!!

Being a doula over the last few months has been a strange experience. Most hospitals restricted birth partners to just one and doulas were similarly turned away from supporting at homebirths. Remote doulaing is possible, but most of us weren’t set up to work that way and it’s been a steep learning curve.

Thank god for FaceTime!

This last week especially has been a rollercoaster of emotions. We’ve all been reading, listening, (un)learning and trying to keep up. I’ve been having difficult but necessary conversations with the kids. Following some inappropriate comments on the Positive Birth Movement social media pages we made the decision to walk away from the PBM group that Tama and I have facilitated together for almost 3 years. The decision was an easy one, but we wanted to make sure that our community didn’t lose out on having a space for group discussion and friendly support. It’s been good to focus on something positive and feel like we have somewhere to channel that doula energy at last!


Bumps, Birth and Babyhood ​

A group for anyone and everyone with an interest in pregnancy, birth and early parenthood to connect and share stories and information. Our hope is that the community will grow and become a place where members can feel supported and empowered. We’ll be facilitating monthly topic-based meet-ups (virtually for now) kicking off with Birth Options on Thursday 25th June from 7.30-9.00pm and every last Thursday of the month at the same time thereafter. These meet-ups will be a place for discussion and peer-to-peer support where there’s no such thing as a silly question and no judgment. We want the group to be a place for people to share their own experiences and consider different perspectives as they navigate pregnancy, birth and those early days with a new baby.

We hope you’ll join us there!

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