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While pregnant with my first child I really loved to watch birth films but it never crossed my mind to film my own.

In my second pregnancy, my doula gave me Tama's details - and thank goodness she did. Tama captured the birth of my second son, and our first few hours as a family of four, so beautifully, a memory we will treasure forever.


In our living room, with three midwives, my partner, toddler and doula already present, Tama somehow managed to completely blend in, I honestly didn't notice her with the camera at any point in my labour. (No offence, Tama, please take this as praise of your abilities and discretion 😊). She was so respectful at all times and got on very well with my toddler, he loved her and the attention! The photos she took of him are some of my all time favourites, especially as we hadn't initially planned for him to be there, but he turned out to be a lovely birth partner.

If you're thinking of having your birth documented, go for it, I can't recommend it enough.


Thank you Tama for such a wonderful, positive experience.

Hazel Gregory

February 2020

Tama offered incredible support to myself and my husband before the birth of our son, around the time of the birth and postnatally. I had a difficult pregnancy and wanted to make sure that we went into the birth and postnatal experience as equipped as possible. Tama enabled us to feel confident about the birthing process, the choices we made and our ability to settle into life with a newborn. 


Tama always arrived to our home with a smile on her face and an aura of energy and can-do. She explained the birthing process in a helpful way, shared helpful documents and pictures and recommended and loaned us relevant books.  Although I ended up having a c-section, we felt so well prepared that the birth ended up being a particularly joyous and happy day - quite the opposite of the horror stories that some people share. As a result, we laughed and joked our way through the birth and my husband even watched our son being born AND took photos - something he had sworn he would never be able to do.


We valued Tama’s support when we came home from hospital: from helping us to calm our crying baby to tucking us into bed that first night.  Tama also provided an excellent and professional placenta smoothie and encapsulation service.  


Having postnatal support with Tama for those early (scary!) days of being at home all day alone with a newborn was essential and helped alleviate any fear I had about my ability to manage and ensured that I enjoyed those early newborn days.  


Thank you again.

Laura Harragin

January 2020

Dear Tama and Saffron,


I apologize that it's taken me this long to organize my thoughts and send you this heartfelt thank you. Your support, care and dedication before, during and after the birth of our first child allowed us to bring little Edith into the world in the exact way we had imagined and hoped. We truly don't believe that would've been possible without you.


When my contractions started at 4:30 in the morning, I wasn't scared or anxious. I was able to feel only excitement, knowing I was well prepared for what was to come, and that I had the best team to look after me and guide me through. What an amazing gift you gave us, enabling us to be excited about such a monumental event that so many people dread.


Tama - your strength, stamina and determination during my very long, very trying labour was unbelievable. When I wavered and didn't believe in myself, you were there to tell me that I could not only do it, but that I was doing it. When I thought I had reached the end of my abilities, you encouraged me to breathe through just one more contraction, reassuring me that our baby was close. When George needed to close his eyes after 24 hours of helping me through contractions, you stayed by my side with a water bottle, loving hand and kind words. When the medical staff was happy for me to stray from my carefully crafted birth plan, you fought for me when I couldn't fight for myself. When things went a bit haywire after she was born, you were there to reassure George that everything was okay, and there to hold my hand while the emergency team worked. My parents will never forget your constant contact with them throughout the process, and the way you were able to keep them informed every step of the way, easing their anxious minds. Working closely with our lovely midwives, you were the piece that held the whole process together, and gave me the birth that I wanted. We feel incredibly lucky to have had you with us, and to be able to bring Edie into the world the way we did. Almost 6 weeks later, we can't stop talking about it and going over every incredible detail.


Thank you both for the incredible work that you do, and everything you did for us. We can't wait to tell Edie all about the day she arrived, and the wonderful ladies who helped us through it all. Thank you for all the ways you went above and beyond the call of duty (long walks with your pups in Richmond Park when I was overdue, lending us a carseat to take Edie home from the hospital, checking in about midwife appointments and how I was doing when induction was put on the table). We cannot sing your praises loudly enough.


Now we just have to figure out how to have you present at the birth of all of our children in the future. Connecticut is beautiful - you'll love it.


All our love and gratitude,


Lindsay and George

Lindsay Greene

December 2019

Tama is exceptional.

I can’t think of any other word to describe her.

With every contraction she pressed on my back to relieve the pressure. It’s exactly what I needed. When I cried that I couldn’t do it, she whispered, ‘you are doing it’. She believed in me when I didn’t. She fought my battles to have a vbac. She’s attended appointments with me even when she didn’t have to. She treated me as a superhero when I gave birth. She held my baby when I had my first shower after she was born. 

She handed me the cup of tea I couldn’t reach and so wanted after giving birth. She hugged me when I cried tears of joy. She was a phone call away when I doubted myself again and again. 

She brought food at home to feed me and my family when I was overwhelmed. She did all that with true kindness, selflessness and love. She mothered the mother that I was about to become again. Oh and and she became a friend in the process. 

Recommending her doesn’t do justice to what she does and how wonderful she is.

I could never possibly recommend her enough.


She is truly exceptional.

Vicky Chilten

October 2019

Tama came highly recommended from a new mum friend for breast feeding support. She was a life saver, after my first session breast feeding became a lot easier. We then had Tama for postnatal support which was the best thing we ever did, Tama’s advice and support was invaluable. 

I would highly recommend Tama and Doulas of Kew, if we are lucky enough to have another baby I will be getting them in from day one. 

Ally Johnson

Sepetmber 2019

Saffron helped me out during a very difficult period following the death of my partner.


She was a huge support  all through my pregnancy, and her presence was absolutely invaluable on the day of the birth. I could not have asked for a nicer doula.

E - West London

Sepetmber 2019

Tama is genuinely amazing.

She is bubbly, kind, positive, professional and extremely knowledgeable.

Our baby massage sessions with her were relaxed and so much fun and she didn’t mind how many questions we fired at her...most were totally unrelated to baby massage, just us new mums trying to find our feet!

Her approach is so sensible and nurturing and she gave us ample time to feed, change and soothe our babies during her sessions. She brought 2 plates of healthy, home made treats to every session and even made us lactation cookies that we could bake from frozen at home! She is very hands on with the babies and is happy to hold them and calm them during the sessions.

My personal experience of Tama changing my little one (while I panicked) when he did a huge poop that shot through his nappy and ended up on the floor, is one I will never forget....nothing phases Tama!

She is a woman with many skills and I look forward to her baby weaning sessions which I will start in a couple of months. I cannot sing her praises highly enough!

Thank you Tama!xxx

Shereen Rooproy

August 2019

Tama gave our group of baby friends an absolutely amazing time teaching us baby massage. It was lovely to come together and learn how to give our babies massage and at the same time listen to Tamas words of wisdom and eat the lovely cakes she brought!


I really couldn't recommend her enough and since Tama has also supported us when starting the weaning journey with our baby. It's a whole new world for us and I can't explain how grateful I am to have had Tamas support during this time.


On top of that our baby lights up like a little sunshine when he sees her! 

Stina Parish

August 2019

Doulas of Kew were wonderful. 

Tama helped myself and my partner feel ready to deal with the day.

During Labour Tama was calm and caring. I'm so glad she was there to help me.


I highly recommend Doulas of Kew - Fantastic Ladies :) 

Tracy - London

April 2019

Tama was fantastic from start to finish!

She was such a calming influence throughout the prenatal period and birth. Her knowledge was extensive which really helped us when our baby decided to make an early appearance (1 month) in Bristol rather than London! Tama didn’t hesitate and drove to Bristol - this was way beyond the call of duty. We had to make a number of decisions quickly and Tama made this process so much easier for us, taking time to explain options so we were fully informed to make the right decision for us.

I would recommend Tama to anyone and she made me feel more confident, calm and positive about the birth process and it was great to know she would be by our side. I was a first time mum and was able to really enjoy my birth. Tama also provided me with excellent advice in the postnatal period, helping me immensely with breastfeeding. She was always at the end of the phone which was such invaluable support and she would always go out of her way to help (even in the middle of the night!).


Thank you so much Doula’s of Kew and particularly Tama for helping us bring Millie into the world. 

Alice Garrad - Uxbridge

April 2019

Highly recommend Doulas of Kew for any mother to be who is looking for amazing support. Tama was our doula and she was a gem! Not only is she a joy to be around but also a wealth of birthing and baby knowledge. What I loved most about her is that she made my birthing experience feel like it was my own and how I wanted it to go given any circumstances. She gave me the knowledge to make the choices that I felt were right for me ahead of time so at the birth I could just focus on giving birth to my son. Even though my birth didn’t go as 100% planned (since no one can predict what is to come with a baby), with her support, I felt like I had a very positive and wonderful birthing experience. I could not have done what I did, without her! She was also there for me after the birth when you need the support as a new mother.


Tama was also a great support system for my husband. In my husband’s own words “Tama’s experience and knowledge calmed not only my wife's nerves but my own. From pre-birth sessions, to the birth itself, then postnatal sessions after my son was born; Tama was there every step of the way with caring support - even answering late night questions. To this day we all still keep in touch as she is just a wonderful person. As a new father, I can’t recommend her enough!”

Janice & James Robertson - Chiswick

January 2019

I’ve known about Doulas of Kew for a while now and their reviews alongside their caring and understanding nature made them an obvious choice for a couple of services for me and the birth of my second son.

I approached them about their placenta encapsulating and after an educational and reassuring chat I opted for a smoothie, capsules and a keepsake of the cord. They were prompt and I’m delighted to report I felt everything that I wanted to in the postnatal period especially when this period of time had been the hardest emotionally and energy wise the first time round.


I can’t recommend talking to them about the benefits highly enough.


Thank you ladies!

Carly Harding-Jones - Acton

September 2018

I didn't know what to expect when we hired Saffron as our doula - I thought she would support me during labour and allow my husband some time to rest, but she also supported us so much more than that.

Her knowledge of maternal care empowered our decisions for the birth of our son. She is very sensitive and compassionate to issues of trauma, she held my hand in my wobbles leading up to our sons birth, and was a source of comfort throughout my labour. I highly recommend Saffron and will definitely be using her services for any future births

I used Doulas of Kew's placenta encapsulation service and I can't recommend them highly enough. I used a different person for my first born and it was a little complicated sourcing all the equipment.

Tama, however, made the whole process very easy - she provides everything you need and drops it to your home so you really only have to remember to take it with you wherever you birth.

Tama is very friendly and supportive - just the type of person you want around. I will be using her services again with any other future babies.

The pills themselves are great - I'm almost 7 weeks in with a newborn and toddler and haven't touched a drop of coffee!

Emma Chase - Chiswick

July 2018

Saffron was a constant and reassuring source of support during the birth of our second child. She stayed with us for the two days it took for us to meet our daughter, giving us advice and care through some tough moments. She really helped us think clearly when decisions needed to be made and prompted us to ask the right questions of medical staff. Having Saffron there made such a huge difference – she helped us feel much more in control of the decisions we needed to make for our family, and despite things not going how we had hoped in a medical sense, overall we had a very positive experience, largely due to Saffron’s calm, warm and supportive presence. Somehow she just kept going and seemed unfazed by the lack of sleep that we were suffering from! She was beyond lovely as well as knowledgeable, and we are really grateful to her for helping us make this experience a positive one

Steph - Wimbledon

July 2018

My daughter enlisted Tama to be her birthing Doula and postnatal help and she wasn’t disappointed as Tama was amazing.

When my husband and I first met Tama , we were struck by her easy, friendly manner and how knowledgeable she was. Nothing was too much trouble and she went the extra mile in explaining every stage to us, whilst reassuring my daughter and keeping her calm when her birthing plan didn’t go as expected and she needed a c- section. Tama’s calmness and reassurance was very comforting for both my daughter and myself. She kept us informed on what was happening the entire time, showing great confidence and compassion, liaising with the midwives and advising and assisting my daughter to make her decisions. Her never failing cheerfulness and encouragement kept my daughter calm and enabled her to safely deliver her beautiful baby son. She also ensured that I had plenty of cups of tea and coffee, along with providing us with her home made birthing cake.

Tama is also a very skilled photographer and captured the birth with a photo of my grandson still attached to the cord, having just been delivered into the world. She then took photos of the first moment that my daughter and baby met each other, photos which will be treasured forever.

Postnatally, Tama was just as amazing and her help and sensible advice was invaluable. She was at my daughters side whenever needed, even spending an entire evening in the hospital’s Paediatric Department when my grandson and daughter were admitted as he had feeding problems. She helped my daughter to learn to breastfeed, and her knowledge and endless patience was so reassuring. When we were so tired, she spent an afternoon taking care of baby, sending my daughter to bed for some much needed sleep whilst she baked her a cake. With Tama’s help my daughter is now a confident first time mum, experiencing all the joys of motherhood.

Tama’s talents are vast, and my grandson and daughter now enjoy attending baby massage classes which she runs.

Tama is a very passionate and dedicated Doula, a natural with both babies and their mothers, showing a very kind, caring and sensitive nature. She is the whole package, assisting mothers to be from making their birthing plans, right through to providing postnatal classes for mother and baby. My daughter and I, feel so lucky to have found her, and I know she will always be a friend and will always be a part of my grandson’s life. She is totally reliable and I can highly recommend her for both anti natal and postnatal services.

A true gem.

Susan Nicoll - Richmond

April 2018

When the idea of leveraging the services of a doula was first raised in our NCT class I was skeptical about whether it would genuinely be of any value. We decided however to give it a go; more so considering our families live abroad and we were brought up in a different health care system.

Sara and Tama were who we chose for a number of reasons among which were their friendliness and ability to make us feel as if we had our close ones with us along this journey, rather than some stranger. Their knowledge and experience coupled with their down to earth approach won us over from the moment we first met them. They made themselves available at all times and helped quash any nerves we had.

There wasn’t a single time that either my wife or I felt let down by them.

All in all, they were absolutely remarkable and I would most definitely recommend them to anyone.

Z.E. - Kingston

April 2018

Tama and Sara are a great team. I contacted them for postnatal support after my c section and couldn't have gotten luckier. My family live far away, so I had very limited support close by. They are a great blend of knowledge, common sense, care and passion for what they do. It's like having caring, knowledgeable but sensitive and considerate friends nearby to help you through those early days! I couldn't recommend them highly enough.

Claire Kong - Chiswick

September 2017

It was wonderful to have Saffron as a part of our birth experience. We felt instantly comfortable with Saffron. She took time to get to know my husband and I properly before the birth so having her there was almost like having a family member, though a much more experienced one! Having Saffron at the birth of our son enabled me to have a positive birth experience even though things certainly didn’t go according to the plan. She enabled me to stand up for myself and assert what I wanted in a way I wouldn’t have without her support. Saffron really went the extra mile after the birth as well, packing up our room, helping me get sorted post birth and fetching us breakfast etc. This enabled my husband and I to thoroughly enjoy getting to know our new baby without any distractions. Saffron also gave support and follow up which was much appreciated. I would highly recommend Saffron as a doula!

Lynanne - Hammersmith

September 2017

I don't know what we would have done without Saffron by our side for most of my week-long complicated labor and birth of our son. Saffron was a sounding board and a hand to hold. She helped us think through our decision making as we moved from home to birth centre to labour ward to operating theatre. She was by my side at all hours, with my water bottle, lip balm and a good joke or anecdote, offered ever so sweetly. I don't know how we would have navigating so many challenges without her.

Diane, Islington

May 2017

Saffron was there in Hospital during some complications (pre-birth), in my corner during birth and afterwards when I had a newborn and 9 year old to juggle. I felt cared for and nurtured throughout. Her advise and expertise to this day is priceless. I couldn't have done it without her!

Alina - Chiswick

October 2016

Fantastic doula! Calm, thoughtful, caring and open minded with a wealth of birth/pregnancy and post natal knowledge. We wouldn't have anyone else for our future births! 

Nicola - Acton

September 2016

I met Tama before I had my little boy, which was a blessing with out me even realising it. As a first time Mum who had a mad furry baby (Boxer Dog) already I needed some special support though this time.

The minute you met Tama you realise that kids are her life and soul. The love she has and the knowledge is so comforting and reassuring as a mum and makes the new journey easier to embark on. 
As I mentioned I have a mad and loving Dog and it was important that the introduction to the new born went smoothly and Tama assisted and advised me though that.

I highly recommend Tama, she has helped us countless times with care and emotional support. I truly would not know what to do with out her.

Rebecca Sharp - Mortlake

January 2016

Tama did a great baby massage course for our NCT group. We took it in turn to host and Tama came to us. I am enjoying putting the moves into practice and my baby really responds. Tama is warm and friendly with a great knowledge of babies. We have all been asking her advice on a whole range of things! Thanks again Tama.

Clare Langstaff - Richmond

June 2015

We enlisted Tama’s help during the antenatal and postnatal stages for the birth of our first child William. 

As first time parents and being completely foreign to the British birthing system, Tama explained and answered all of our questions and concerns with clarity and patience.

Antenatally, Tama helped to put together our birth plan which as it turned out was abit more comprehensive than just “I would like to have a natural birth”!! She also lent us an assortment of books, postnatal aids and toys to prepare us for when William arrived. All of which we were extremely grateful for!

Despite my labour starting around 3am, Tama promptly arrived with a smile on her face to drive us to the hospital. Tama did not once drop the ball during my whole birthing experience. She was always by my side reassuring me, feeding me to ensure that I had energy to push and even helped us to capture my birth on camera! It was extremely comforting having Tama in the birthing suite with us.

Postnatally, Tama always touched base and visited us so that we didn’t feel alone on this new chapter of our lives. We would bombard her with questions and she would address all of our concerns quickly. Tama made recommendations to help with my breastfeeding and continued to be there for us right up to the day we left to return to Australia!

Tama is truly a wealth of knowledge and it was clear from our first communication through email that she was extremely passionate and dedicated to being a doula. We felt very comfortable around her and confident with the advice and suggestions she had to offer. Tama is a beautiful soul, she is friendly, understanding, focused, and extremely easy to get along with. To us, she is not just a doula but our friend.

We would have been completely lost without Tama and we accredit her to our confidence in being first time parents! 

Mei Cheng - Chiswick

May 2015

Tama worked with my twins when they were 7 weeks old until 9 months of age. Her dedication, kind nature and bubbly nature was an absolute breathe of fresh air. Having someone who walks in & just mucks in is exactly what you need as a new mom. We absolutely loved our time with Tama, she created a loving & hugely treasured connection with my family. We consider her to be part of our family & are blessed to have her in our lives.

Angela Nathanel - Barnes

March 2015

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