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Postnatal Support

Postnatally we support you in your post-birth recovery and getting into the swing of Motherhood. Whether it is cuddling your little one so you can catch up on some sleep to supporting your baby's first bath - we will be by your side boosting your confidence and supporting your choices.
We will prepare nutritious (and delicious) meals to support your healing and of course we will make sure the rest of your family are looked after too. Fluffy members are of course included. 
We are able to support you with baby feeding (breast or bottle) and general baby care. Getting to grips with nappy changing, bathing and baby wearing is not so daunting with us by your side.  
Breastfeeding support
If booking before your baby has arrived - 1 Antenatal visit will be arranged to discuss Postnatal plans; postnatal recovery, dietary requirements, general baby care, baby feeding and anything else thats on your mind.  
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