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Birth Preparation

Our Birth Preparation sessions are for you to explore the options available to you. From where to birth and who to have with you, through to pain relief and emergency situations. We believe that knowledge is power and being able to make informed choices about your care lay the foundations for a positive experience of birth.
We are all recognised Doula UK Birth Doulas and regularly support women like you in all of the hospitals local to West London. 
Having Birth Preparation sessions with local doulas means that we have active knowledge of all the local amenities and what you can expect at the hospital you're birthing with. Our birth preparation session typically lasts 2 hours and takes place in your home.
Typical sessions include:
- sharing of previous birth stories
- thoughts about this pregnancy and birth
- birth physiology - what happens during labour and after
- location, birth partners, how to make your birth space special
- pain management and coping techniques
- birthing your placenta (and what to do with it after!)
- immediate postnatal and feeding
- fourth trimester
Every session is different and individually tailored to you and your pregnancy!
Please get in touch and book your session today! 
Birth Preparation sessions are valuable at any time in your pregnancy - it's never too late to explore your options and get excited about your birth!
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