About Doulas of Kew

Tama and Saffron are the Doulas of Kew!
We share a passion for supporting, empowering and caring for new mothers and mothers-to-be. Supporting you and your family emotionally, physically and practically through pregnancy, birth and the fourth trimester. 

We regularly work alongside all the local midwifery teams, to support women to birth however and wherever they choose and believe that you deserve to feel positive and empowered by your birth experience.
We are here to help you rock your birth!

Tama-Sophie Lambert 

Saffron Garside

"I live in Kew with my rugby-mad injury rehabilitation specialist husband, Michael and our two dogs Suki & Georgie. I’m half Moroccan, half English and grew up in Kew. It’s just one of those places...why would I want to live anywhere else?! 


When I'm not supporting my awesome mama's, I usually have a coffee in my hand and a dog lead in the other. You'll often find me walking my girls in Chiswick House & Gardens or Richmond park (aren't we lucky to have these beautiful places on our door step)!!

If you spot me, come say hi! 


 I’m a doula because I love supporting women to birth and mother their babies in their own way! To feel empowered, informed, respected and supported to have the most positive birthing experience they can. Whether they want to birth with an epidural in a hospital delivery suite or dangling from a tree in their garden, it doesn’t matter to me! As long as its right for them and that their choices didn’t come from a place of fear, but rather from a place of power!" 

"I live in Chiswick with my husband and our two children (we also share our home with two cats and two giant African land snails!). I started training as Doula while my youngest was still a baby and I now support clients all over West London. As a Doula I am able to provide my clients with continuity of care, time and space to explore their options and all the other little things that make a big difference! I really believe that every woman deserves to feel positively about her birth experiences.
I spend most of my time hanging out with my kids in cool places around London - museums, galleries and parks. We home educate so I’m really lucky to get to spend lots of time with them!
When I’m not with the kids or my clients you can usually find me curled up in the corner with a good book and a big cup of tea!"
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Tama: 07780117678

Saffron: 07817402269  

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